Providing safe, low cost transportation to those Verde Valley residents most in need

A Bit About Us

Our Mission.

Chain Reaction AZ is a private, newly formed Arizona nonprofit corporation whose mission is to provide refurbished bicycles, helmets, locks and safety information to select veterans, homeless and/or low-income residents of the Verde Valley who are in need of transportation and cannot afford a bicycle.

Mobilizing The Verde Valley

Our Work.

We work with the community for the community. Our partners generously give time and much needed support in service to the residents of the Verde Valley. Take an opportunity to support them in return.

If you would like join our effort, take a look at our wish list or donate today!

Why we’re stepping up

Did You Know?

There are up to 150 homeless people in the Verde Valley.

The United States Census Bureau reports the following percent of residents living below the poverty line in 2015: Camp Verde: 33.0%, Yavapai-Apache Nation: 18.0%, Cottonwood/Verde Village: 17.2%, Lake Montezuma: 17.1%, Clarkdale: 11.1%, Cornville: 11.1%, Sedona: 9.3%, Jerome: 8.7%, Village of Oak Creek: 7.6%.

According to the 2009-2013 American Community Survey, there are currently 2,113 Verde Valley residents in households with no vehicles. This is projected to increase to 3,052 by 2040.

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Donate. Volunteer. Sponsor.

Every effort helps. Work with Chain Reaction AZ to make a difference in the community.

Meet Our Community

Hear Our Stories.

We’re changing lives one bike at a time.

A lot of the recipients of our bicycles don’t want a lot of attention. I always get their names but they don’t always want their picture taken. I have included as many photos as I can here. These folks are our neighbors. They’re going through a hard time and can use some help. I am doing what I can working out of my house, storing bikes on our back patio. My feeling is that if someone has no way to get to a job or even a job interview they have a very small chance of getting and keeping that job. Something as simple as a used bike can mean the world to them and give them a chance to make their life better. I’m happy to be able to do this and I hope you too see the beauty in my mission. Learn more